Society for the Advancement of Global Education

S.A.G.E. International Liasion for CCILA

Purposes of The Society for the Advancement of Global Education (SAGE)
To establish, implement, and maintain a program which is designed and intended to advance the cause of education around the world.

To promote among Americans and other peoples a better and more complete understanding of others, including people of other nations, their aspirations, cultures, and values.
The program operates under the aegis of a Board of Advisers, made up of people who are top in their professions, especially education.  The program consists of training institutes, mentoring programs, and cultural exchange programs.

Projects of SAGE
 One of the most significant international projects of SAGE is the U.S.-China Education Foundation.

USCEF and S.A.G.E. have a 35 year history of cooperation and continuing programs of study in language, history, and culture between the United States and China.

U.S. K-5, Middle Schools and High Schools

We are honored that SAGE is the official international liaison chartered with the development and sustainability of the International Student Program for US schools.

Carrollton Christian Academy

SAGE is proud to have previously partnered with CCA to guide and consult them develop a rigorous academic study and international understanding and cooperation. Schools such as CCA teach and train future leaders with a global interest, insight and understanding. These skills differentiate CCA students as they prepare for college.  

SAGE also sponsors AII a network of experienced college admissions advisers who assist both International and US students through the process of University and College application and admission.

Summer and Winter Study in the United States
Partnering with Joshua Expeditions we assist international students and schools who wish to experience US campus life the opportunity to visit Universities, Colleges and High Schools in the United States.