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Admissions Institute International provides assistance for international and U.S. students in their application process to colleges and universities. We are a private group that supports the  efforts, developments and policies of the Department of Education.

Admissions Institute International partners with S.A.G.E. and USCEF in educational needs for international students seeking to gain admission to U.S. colleges and universities.

We have assisted students gain admissions to many of the colleges and universities with formal relationship with the U.S. China Education. Some of the students we have helped have been accepted to U.S. universities such as Princeton, Duke, Yale, University of San Diego, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Washington, Emory University, Southern Methodist University, University of Oklahoma, University of Alabama, Pepperdine University, Wake Forest University,  and others.

The college and university application process can be confusing. Concerned parents are busy. Conscientious, capable students are often overwhelmed at the myriad of expectations, instructions, and documents. Others simply are unfamiliar with the requirements and the process.

We often hear the question, "How can I give myself or my child the best opportunity to 'get in'?" 

Our goal is to help match you with the right institution. We listen and prepare you for the application to the school of your dreams. We also will guide you and consult with you regarding other colleges and universities that might be a good fit for you and your aspirations. We will make the process one of ease, reduce the stress, and simplify the process of college applications.

We will guide you through the process of filling out the forms and documents required by each institution. We will give you insight both into the process of college and university admissions, as well as the additional process of applications for scholarships and financial assistance.

There are billions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid that are not awarded each year simply because students were not aware of them, did not apply for them, or were late in applying for them. We recently had a student receive a full scholarship and living stipend to the university of her dreams. We accomplished this through our established relationships with universities, as well as scholarships and endowments. One example would be the Tao Shing Pee Educational foundation for Chinese MBA students attending Harvard.

Do you need a college or admissions consultant or counselor? We look forward to discussing with you the reasons you may want to engage us. We have discovered in our decades of experience and established expertise that it is of supreme importance for a student and counselor to have a good fit. Much as it is with a good academic fit that will bear on your future, so it is with a good college or university counselor. We will explore those options with you.

We encourage you to read the articles listed below on finding a good college consultant and what a good counselor does for you.  Then contact us so we can begin to discuss finding the right fit for you.

Your education is your future. We look forward to you fulfilling your dream.