Society for the Advancement of Global Education

S.A.G.E. International Liasion for CCILA

S.A.G.E. was incorporated in 1980 as a Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation for the purpose of advancing the cause of education around the world and to promote among all peoples a better, clearer understanding of differing cultures.  These goals are achieved through language training institutes, publishing, and cultural exchange programs.

The U.S.-China Education Fund (USCEF) is a project of S.A.G.E. for the purpose of language training in the two languages, advancing education in the People's Republic of China, increasing the understanding of the American people about Chinese culture, and increasing the understanding of the Chinese people about American culture and history.

In 1980, in cooperation with American colleges and universities, Dr. Joseph B. Kennedy, Sr. arranged for the first group of beginning (zero) language students ever to study in China.  At that time, the Ministry of Education required two years of Chinese language study in the country of origin of any student.  This major breakthrough offered the students, with no former experience in Chinese language study, a "total immersion" program.  The experiment proved most successful, and became a part of the ongoing curriculum of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China.  Through S.A.G.E., students in other countries such as Switzerland and Canada were also able to study in China.  For this pioneer program, USCEF has received special honor and recognition from the Chinese government.